Are you The Egg, The Chicken, or just a little Cracked

This is scary, this writing stuff, this making stuff, this putting yourself out into the world for everyone to see. Am I an writer JUST because I write? Or do I need to write a certain amount before I AM a writer. Chicken, egg. Egg, chicken. Every artist faces this question. It’s something I’ve been […]

Where does the dream start?

Geoffry James on on finding your dream job What’s ironic about my dream job is that I can only help people because I accumulated so much experience in the business world before becoming a writer. I thought that all those years were wasted, but they’ve turned out to be essential. So my advice for […]

Why my single 2014 resolution is to do nothing (for at least 5 minutes).

Time and attention have always been precious commodities but in the 21st century they’re like a spring in the African desert. There are countless digital and real world people, activities, and ventures competing for our life experience. And just like the desert only the strongest and the cleverest of things will be able to use […]