Spill some ink

The path to to your art is a dirty road paved with ink.

I had no itention of writing this post but I did have an intenetion to write. I brought my notebook and pen with me to lunch and a target of leaving with 3 pages full of writing, even if it was the same word 500 times.

There was no epiphany.
The clouds did not part and the sun shine down on me.
No trumpets hearalding the coming of an idea.
Just 3 pages of ramblings and the semblence of one coherent idea.

Oh, and I got out of the way.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to do when your making things is to distance yourself from yourself.


It’s a particulary challenging proposition for the creative whose natural inclanation is to observe, think about, and feel everything around them.

Which is why craft is so important.

Craft is developed through the refinement of your practice. How do you do what you do? Practice is creating a routine and a space to get yourself the hell out of the way and allow yourself and your ideas to come out.

As much as we think we have or want to have control over our work we don’t. All we have is the work. The goal of my writing session was 3 pages of writing. Not great writing, just writing. In the writing that day I was able to find something, but I found it IN the writing i had done. It wasn’t perfect but it was in there. I just had to write.

Spill some ink. See what comes out.

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