Rattle those pots and pans

I originally posted the video below for my parent friends on Facebook because it’s a beautiful reminder to all parents to let their kids explore.  Then, watching it again, I was reminded of a talk by Sir Ken Robinson in which he explained that as children got older fewer and fewer identified themselves as creative and it got me thinking.

There is a strange phenomena that happens (to some of us) when we become adults.  We tend not to want to fail or create any kind of disruption.  We are adults, we should know everything.  We should know how to behave.  We should now how to keep in line.  We should know that the thing we tried was absolutely not going to work so why did we do in the first place?

That mentality is a lingering by-product of industrial age thinking and conditioning.  To work in a factory you had to stay in line.  You had to follow the rules.  You couldn’t just riff in a mass production factory.  You couldn’t do something that might be unsafe or cause harm to others.

The industrial age is long gone.  

Welcome to the age of information.  The age of knowledge.

We have incredible, amazing tools at our disposal.  We are our own factories.  We are not just the hands on the factory line.  We are the brains.  We are the passion.  We are the creators.  Anyone has the power to make change. To make art.  To make good.

All you have to do is EXPLORE and see where it leads you….

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