Where does the dream start?

Geoffry James on Inc.com on finding your dream job

What’s ironic about my dream job is that I can only help people because I accumulated so much experience in the business world before becoming a writer. I thought that all those years were wasted, but they’ve turned out to be essential.

So my advice for anybody who hasn’t achieved his or her dream job is this: take courage, believe in yourself, take the leap, and don’t give up.

You’ve only got one life. Become the person you’re meant to be.

But don’t assume the time you’ve spent doing something else is time wasted. It’s all part of the plan.

In a media driven world we’re exposed to more and more snapshots of people’s lives in the attempt to bring interesting stories to people. The problem with those snapshots is their usually taken of people on the rise, or near the peak of their career.

James piece is a good reminder that our paths to the peak are all different but there is ALWAYS a path.

A U-Turn here and there.

Just keep moving.

J.J. Abrams on Mystery

Perhaps that’s why mystery, now more than ever, has special meaning. Because it’s the anomaly, the glaring affirmation that the Age of Immediacy has a meaningful downside. Mystery demands that you stop and consider—or, at the very least, slow down and discover. It’s a challenge to get there yourself, on its terms, not yours…

…The point is, we should never underestimate process. The experience of the doing really is everything. The ending should be the end of that experience, not the experience itself.

Via Wired