How to get to your best work

Via Mindshift

He tested it by asking children what aspects of a learning environment make them feel most creative. “One of the things they found most valuable in their arts classes was the freedom not to have to seek right and wrong answers,” Bilder said. “It was that freedom to explore that led them to be increasingly engaged and allowed them to forge connections that allowed them to be more creative.”

There are so many great points in this article from Mindshift but the overarching theme is the necessity to do your work to get to your best work.

When embarking on a creative endeavor the struggle we face is how to get what’s in our head out into the world via our medium of choice.

In this way the creative act can feel like replication. We want to “get it right”.  But it’s not so much about getting it right as much as it is about to creating a connection.

While it is natural to desire the right answer, a creative endeavor is different in that there can be more than one right answer. Sometimes the true answer you seek lies in a question that has yet no be asked.

In either case there is no cheat sheet or shortcut in your journey. You must walk the path and see where it leads you. You must process your ideas to see where they lead you. You have to see what new ideas fill your head.

And along the way we will fail.

That’s when it’s important to remember:

The more you do your work the better you get at it.

The more you do your work the deeper you connect to it.

Do your work to get to your best work.

As an artist there comes a point where you are the one asking the questions AND answering them. And while we all seek approval and rewards for our work the greatest fulfillment, and the biggest challenge, comes when we know in our hearts, regardless of or in spite of external opinion, we put out our best work.

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