The Search

We are all searching for something greater in life, something that does not yet exist but we feel passionately in our hearts.

It feels illogical to want such a thing, impossible to connect to it, and frightening to begin. But try as you might, you can’t stop thinking about it.

So how do you reconcile your heart and your mind?

You create.

The Fire

Creative Elements: The Creative Fire
Creative Elements: The Creative Fire

Creativity is often portrayed as a magical, arcane art accesable to only a few mad individuals who burn as bright as stars and blaze like wildfires.

It’s a sexy and glamorous idea but stars are light years away and wildfires are uncontrollable and unsustainable.

Creativty is a practice.  It does burn but more like the fire in a hearth, steady and warm.   Properly tended to it will burn white hot or smolder softly for hours.

It’s a place of comfort and warmth. A place where we feed ourselves.  It is a place we can gather around to celebrate with friends and family or reflect quietly in solitude.

Sometimes things will go astray and it will smoke and leave you dirty and smelly,  your eyes watering and head aching.

But it is always there. You only need tend it.

The Practice

Everyone’s practice for tending to their creativity is different, but all creators have one to help them refine their craft.

It will engage your brain, your emotions, and the spiritual areas of your life to help you realize what inspires you.

It will help you forget about perfection and just get things out into the world.

It will allow you to move through fears and resistance and never look back.

It will allow you to stop thinking and simply be who you already are.

So for every minute you spend reading this site, I hope you spend two in your workspace, making your art.

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