Belief, Possibilites, and Placebos

What’s the takeaway from the placebo phenomenon? More than anything, the results tell us that beliefs matter, perhaps much more than we realize. In many cases, the chief message of placebo research is that focusing on using the mind and beliefs to power up the brain and body is the key to better learning in the future. […]

Amy Poehler and Creativity vs. Career

Amy Poehler on how she deals with the stress of life and still be so creative. In the book I write very briefly about the difference between career and creativity because creativity is loving your work and creativity is like a warm…I picture it like a hispanic woman who makes delicious food for me. I […]

Rattle those pots and pans

I originally posted the video below for my parent friends on Facebook because it’s a beautiful reminder to all parents to let their kids explore.  Then, watching it again, I was reminded of a talk by Sir Ken Robinson in which he explained that as children got older fewer and fewer identified themselves as creative […]