Being Still

Matthieu Ricard on taking time for stillness:

I hear that all the time too, people saying they’re so busy, how can they possibly take another 20 minutes? It’s just as Pico said about physical fitness before. If people from Nepal come to Paris and they see people jogging early in the morning or going on a bicycle that goes nowhere, they think they are mad. Because they are running in the mountains all day, so they don’t need that. If 15 minutes of stillness change the 23 hours and 45 minutes left in your day, including your sleep and your human relations, it seems to be worthwhile. So to say “I don’t have time” is like going to see a doctor for treatment and then when you hear it saying, “Oh Doctor, it’s impossible!”

Though Ricard is speaking of stillness and meditation the concept is relevant to any habit or practice we seek to introduce in our lives. These little moments in our lives can have powerful effects regardless if the physical time involved. Attention combined with action creates experiences that add to our well being and create momentum that carries us toward happiness and fulfillment.

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