Be right more than wrong.

John Gruber addressing Apple critics, and what Apple must do to remain a leader:

What you want is to be (1) right more often than wrong; (2) willing to recognize when you are wrong; and (3) able and willing to correct whatever is wrong. If you expect perfection, to be right all the time, you’re going to fail on all three of those — you will be wrong sometimes, that’s just human nature; you’ll be less willing or unwilling to recognize when you’re wrong because you’ve talked yourself into expecting perfection; and you won’t fix what’s wrong because you’ll have convinced yourself you weren’t wrong in the first place. The only way to come close to being right all the time is to be willing to change your mind and recognize mistakes — it’s never going to happen that you’re right all the time in the first place.

There’s a big difference in how creatives and commentators view the idea of being “wrong”.

If your job is to get daily clicks and reads you have to magnify the peaks and valleys of a company’s operations to create drama.

If you’re making something and are in it for the long haul you have to minimize the noise from those same peaks and valleys (or at least the valleys) so as not to divert attention from your larger goals.

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